Starlab Lessons: Space

Down to earth astronomy

Covering the Astronomy curriculum: these programs are designed for primary students or for those more senior who have not had the opportunity to study the subject. Presentations are tailored to the age of the students, most are suitable for classes from Foundation to Year Ten, and they last from 45 to 60 minutes. Teachers are free to select and combine different aspects of these topics to make up any particular presentation.

Please ask us for our full menu of topics for primary and mid-secondary students.

  • Our star – the Sun – compared with other stars.
  • What are stars, planets, moons, comets, asteroids?
  • Our Sun and the rocky and giant gas planets.
  • Gravity – holding Earth to the Sun; the Universe's push-pull.
  • The Earth, its size, its shape, its main features.
  • Movement, spin, night & day, the seasons, sundials.
  • The Sun provides warmth, light, oxygen, food, and more.
  • Our Moon – its origin, its orbit around Earth, its phases & eclipses.
Note: we can also provide movies that cover solar system topics.

  • The Big Bang – the creation, origin of time.
  • Life cycles of stars – nebulae, supernovas, galaxies.
  • Types of stars, colours, distances, light years, black holes.
  • Discoveries – exo-planets, the search for life, modern technology.
  • Exploration – the space station, living in space, the future.
  • Satellites – low orbiting & geo-stationary– uses for monitoring.
  • Careers and the space industry – the exploitation of space resources.
Note: we can also provide movies that cover space topics.

  • Stars, planets and the Moon.
  • Constellations and the stellar roundabout.
  • Colours and magnitude of stars.
  • Galaxies, light years, the Zodiac.
  • Aboriginal astronomy, stellar mythologies.
  • The Moon's origin, phases, tidal effects, lunar eclipses.

  • Presentation of the movie "Stories in the Stars."
  • The Dreamtime, the Aboriginal equivalent of the Big Bang theory.
  • Beliefs in constellations and the Dreamtime mythology.
  • Aboriginal people used stars as a calendar of events.
  • Constellations and legends are a reminder of customs, rules and morals.
  • Great powers of observation of the world's first astronomers.
See our Movies page for more on "Stories in the Stars."