Starlab Lessons

Starlab Lessons provide teaching in a multimedia-rich environment. Sessions are delivered by well-trained, experienced presenters using an interactive methodology based upon full-dome projections, modelling, video clips and animations.

Starlab Lessons are recommended for groups requiring a wide ranging and in-depth explanation of the selected topics by employing a variety of teaching tools. It allows for greater student input into their sessions.

  • Teachers find lasting levels of learning retention from student interaction.
  • Presentations are linked to the curriculum and can be tailored for specific selections.
  • Our presenters are science professionals, well experienced in teaching.
  • Sessions can be varied to suit, and are delivered to the age level of the students.
  • We work to the school's timetable, avoiding inconvenience and disruption.

Space and Earth

The Starlab Lesson topics fall into two streams: Space and Earth. Space covers the Astronomy curriculum, while Earth is focused on Earth Sciences, although there is naturally some overlap in content. Most programs are suitable for classes from Foundation to Year Ten and last from 45 to 60 minutes.

Presentations usually conclude with Stellarium – a tour of the nighttime sky, including the placement of planets, constellations and major stars.

Teachers are free to select and combine different aspects of these topics to make up any particular presentation.

See here for the programs available for the stream Space.
See here for the programs available for the stream Earth.

Useful Links

Our list of reference sites has become a valuable resource for students and teachers over the years. Please contact us if there are other links you would like to see here, or if there are any problems with these links.

See here for a list of reference sites in astronomy and earth sciences.